Natural and Shaped Edges

Some of the most attractive, unique and eye-catching pieces in our collection are from our natural- and shaped- edge stock. All these pieces retain their natural outer bark or original wood edge throughout the turning process, resulting in a wonderful juxtaposition of smooth wood and rough bark or irregular textures. The colors of the bark and inner wood are natural complements to each other. These are the most challenging pieces to turn, requiring the sharpest tools and greatest patience to produce.

A recent addition to the collection is double-natural-edge bowls, where the original wood edge is retained on both the top and bottom! The editor of "Woodturning Design" magazine says that he has never seen this style before; evidently it is unique to The Well Turned Bowl.

Click here to read my article in More Woodturning on making a double-natural-edge bowl. (You must have Adobe Reader (TM) installed on your computer to access this file.) Use your browser's "Back" arrow to return to this point.

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Created by Glenn Lindsley
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