Miscellaneous items include cardholders, chopping bowls, plates, platters, hot mats, bangle bracelets, pendants, boxes, paperclip holders, and lazy susans. Each of these hand turned pieces of art is designed to show off the best of the wood's grain with unique patterns in texture and color. Please note that not all items will be available at all times.

Cardholders make an unusual gift for a business associate or client. Pendants can hang on a necklace chain. Typically they are 1/4" thick or less.

"Chinese balls" are wooden balls with at least one (2-level) or two (3-level) concentric balls inside. All are made from one piece of wood. Some have spikes attached to the inner ball.

Chopping bowls are designed to be used with a curved chopper (what the Eskimos call an ulu, and the Italians a mezzaluna). They are finished with food-safe walnut oil, and can be maintained by occasionally rubbing in some oil like walnut, olive, or mineral oil.

Bangle bracelets are sized according to the inner circumference. It's best to choose the smallest size that your hand will fit through. I've arbitrarily clasified the bracelets as Small (less than 8.2" inner circumference); medium (8.2 to 8.6"); and Large (greater than 8.6"). The best size for you depends on both the size of your hand and its flexibility.

Boxes come in various shapes, including Christmas tree-shape. Paperclip holders have a magnet to hold one or more clips at a convenient height.

Plates have food-safe finish and can be used with any food that does not require cutting with a sharp or serrated knife. Hand wash only.

Lazy susans are made to order only (there are none in stock; the photos are shown as examples). Contact the artist if you are interested in a lazy susan.

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Created by Glenn Lindsley
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