What better way to brighten a festive table than with beautiful hand-turned candleholders? The candle flame complements and highlights the natural wood grain of these fine pieces. All candlesticks have added weights at the base for increased stability. The metal candle cups minimize danger from fire, but you should never allow candles to burn down close to the wood. And, as with ALL candles, you should never allow them to burn unattended. In particular, oil candles (those with glass oil-candle inserts) should not be placed where there is a danger of being knocked over.

Any candleholder with a brass candle cup can hold either a regular wax candle or an oil candle. Oil candles are available for these at $11 each. See the photo "OilCandles" for examples. Note: These oil candles are no longer being manufactured, so the supply is limited to my current stock.

While you can burn ordinary kerosene in the oil candles, I recommend paying the additional cost of refined lamp oil (available at your hardware store), as it has no odor.

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Created by Glenn Lindsley
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