NOTES: Details, Dimensions, and Other Information
*Dimensions are to the nearest one-half inch.

*Finishes. Most bowls are finished with salad-bowl finish, a certified food-safe material. I do not recommend using them to hold liquids, or soaking them in liquid; however, they should be fine with dressed salads. From time to time apply a coat of food-safe wax. You can purchase Lemon-oil wax from me: $2.50 for 1.5-2 oz. This will last for many applications. Red cedar is not compatible with salad bowl finish, so I use either shellac, lacquer, or polyurethane to finish items made from red cedar. While not certified food-safe, these are relatively benign finishes. However, you probably wouldn't want to use cedar bowls for food in any case, because the food would probably pick up aroma from the cedar. Chopping bowls are finished with food-safe walnut oil and walnut-oil wax.

*Checking. Because I choose interesting pieces of wood that tend to dry unevenly, many have "checked" (developed shrinkage cracks). All such cracks have been filled and stabilized with CA (cyanoacrylate or "Super Glue"), with or without added minerals. Where the checks are small, they are not reported in the descriptions. Larger cracks are reported in the descriptions, however.

*"Spalted" wood has just begun to decay, and has interesting patterns caused by incipient fungi. My pieces made from spalted wood have all been stabilized and sealed; they are food-safe.

*Lazy susans are made-to-order only. The pieces shown (under Miscellaneous ) are examples only. Please contact me for price and delivery time if you wish to order one of these. Likely prices range from $80 to $150, depending on size and wood type. At present I can offer lazy susans made of cherry, walnut, maple, butternut, and bubinga (woods that are in stock). It is also possible to special-order other woods (usually at higher cost).

* "Vase" (not preceded by "Flower") means a dry vase, to be used for dried flowers, weeds, or twigs only. In contrast, Flower vases and Flower holders have glass or metal liners to hold water and can safely be used for live flowers.

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